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Publishing a .Mac Web Gallery Outside of .Mac

Aaron asks a good question in the comments of another post:

.Mac Web Gallery is spiffy, but what if I wanted to publish the gallery to a private domain off of Apple's servers? I could maybe embed the gallery page into my own website (use a frame or something), but it would break the visual style of my site (currently default WordPress K2, but working on a custom theme for later this month), and it may not even be possible - although I haven't tried yet. With the old iPhoto, you could export "to Web Page" and then tweak and upload it wherever you wanted. I think you can still do that too, but the Flashed up web gallery is so much snazzier.

Anybody know if it is possible to get your web gallery published to a private domain/server?

It's a good enough question that I thought I'd post it here.

And for the record, I don't think Aaron is asking that everything be portable - like emailing to add photos, synchronization, etc. I think he's just asking about the actual gallery and method of displaying photos.

5 Responses to "Publishing a .Mac Web Gallery Outside of .Mac"

  1. I'd be interested in that too!

  2. As would I

  3. @Erik: Spot on. All I want is the neat viewing experience. Forget any of the other functionality. I could even live with the links for the emailing and stuff to be there and just broken or bounce to a "sorry, I broke that feature" page. I just want the eye candy. Sounds so juvenile, but software like Gallery is sometimes less than intuitive unless you have the chops to create your own theme for it, and I certainly don't.

  4. As much as I like the eye candy of the .mac gallery, I really prefer ZenPhoto.

    Here are my reasons:

    1. I like to be able to theme my own gallery.
    2. Integrates well with WordPress
    3. The flash of .mac doesn't allow it to be displayed on my iPhone. My ZenPhoto site is viewable on my iPhone.

    I will admit, ZenPhoto can be a pain in the neck to configure, and when it goes bad, it's really bad. And it hasn't been updated in a few months...but I still prefer it to .Mac

  5. I want everything to be portable. I want the ability to sync with a database on my own server so I can write web-based utilities to access and manipulate my data.

    I don't think it'd cut into Apple's .Mac business that much. They don't even have to provide a reference implementation, just documentation on transactions and a way to instruct your computer to use your own servers instead of the .Mac servers. The people who do this (myself) aren't going to get .Mac anyway as we already pay less money for superior hosting (albeit, without official .Mac features).