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Using an iPhone Without AT&T?

So I'm getting an iPhone… but I don't plan to get AT&T at all. I don't even want to sign up and then have to cancel nor do I want to go on a pay-as-you-go plan.

I also want to avoid potential future "bricking" as much as possible and would like to leave open the option to use the phone with AT&T at a later date (particularly if they complete their buyout of Cellular One).

I've seen a few options out there re: "activating" and "unlocking" the phone. The iPhone Dev Wiki people have only one task remaining, and that's to truly "unlock" the iPhone (which would be ideal, particularly if Cellular One has a reasonbly priced unlimited data plan).

What are your thoughts on the current best way to do this? Should I wait a few weeks to see what the iPhone Dev Wiki people do or should I activate using this method or something else entirely?

2 Responses to "Using an iPhone Without AT&T?"

  1. I used iActivator and went back and forth a couple of times with no problems (activate and then deactivate).

  2. You should keep an eye on this as well as the dev wiki. The guy writing that, named "Geohot", is focussed solely on the unlock rather than the development of iPhone apps.