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Numbers’ Lack of ‘Fill Down’

So, I fire up Numbers, Apple's spreadsheet addition to iWork's suite of productivity apps, and my productivity falls through the floor.

Where the hell is "Fill Down"? How can I copy a formula and paste it into a bunch of cells?

Sure, I can drag the little circle down. That works… but why isn't this a menu item ("Fill Down") or a capability of paste? Why does "paste" only paste the formula into one cell when I have 140 selected?

3 Responses to "Numbers’ Lack of ‘Fill Down’"

  1. I had the same problem: "Where is fill down?" But using the little circles seems like a reasonable alternative - once I finally found it.

  2. It is sort of smart though. If you've used the circle to fill down, and then you resize your table to make it bigger, it puts your formula in the newly created rows too.

  3. But I have 3000 cells... not going to hold the circle for 10 minutes.