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iPhone Received

My 8GB iPhone arrived today. Here's a re-telling of how things went.

11:22: iPhone arrives.
12:18: Finally have time to unpack iPhone. Admire little pull tab that separates iPhone from accessories.
12:19: Begin using iActivator.
12:31: Activate iPhone. Turns out I had to turn it off between steps or I got a funny error.
12:32: Begin playing with all the settings.
12:45: View first web page ( on iPhone.
13:00: Sync iPhone with iTunes to get contacts, pictures, and some music on there.
13:20: Synch finishes. Begin playing with videos, etc.
14:00: Bored. Back to work.

I wouldn't say I'm underwhelmed, but… eh. My typing speed was fine, and the "finger slide for punctuation" tip is quite helpful. I've since downloaded iUI and will begin messing with that soon.

2 Responses to "iPhone Received"

  1. The beauty of the iphone is when you use it away from your desk. Like right now i'm typing this on the bart train to Dublin, ca. With mobile newsgator I can catch up on my feeds when I'd otherwise be bored, and having a fast map app on the go is life saving. You have to get out and play with it, man! Just charge it up first.

  2. I share Arden's thoughts. It's not that great if you have a computer in front of you, but it's damned cool when you're out and have the internet, e-mail, etc. in your pocket. I've had mine for a couple of weeks yet and haven't yet been able to get over how awesome it is.

    You obviously want to have one for software development purposes, but I can't see why anybody else would want to have an iPhone that's not connected to a cellular network. One of the greatest things about it is being able to use the internet where you normally wouldn't be able.