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Seen Today in #macdev

Hardy Har…

British woman goes for weeks without showering, skincare products as an experiment. When asked how she felt, she replied "Je me sens trรƒฦ’ร‚ยจs bien. Un peu graisseux, mais rien trop mauvais."

I'm going to spend some time today playing with iUI. Ideally, some of the plugins which show a different theme for even WordPress blogs would work well with the cache software, but they don't. If someone happens to request a Wii version of my blog, that version is cached and regular Web surfers see that version too.

6 Responses to "Seen Today in #macdev"

  1. Funny the british woman replying in french ... That's so unnatural.

  2. @Ludovic: I think that's the joke.

  3. [quote comment="42889"]@Ludovic: I think that's the joke.[/quote]

    Ludovic posts from a ".fr" domain. I think he was being sarcastic. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. If so, well played Ludovic, well played. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. I don't know how your paragraph relates to the quoting, but I had to change the wp-cache plugin to support the mobile version of my site just by adding my own checks at the beginning of the wp-cache-phase1.php and adding my hash to the key. Something like:

    $more = "";
    if(function_exists("is_mobile")) $more .= is_mobile() ? "mobile" : "";
    if(function_exists("is_iphone")) $more .= is_iphone() ? "iphone" : "";
    if(function_exists("is_wii")) $more .= is_wii() ? "wii" : "";
    if(function_exists("is_feed_safe")) $more .= is_feed_safe() ? "feedsafe" : "";
    $key = md5($_SERVER['SERVER_NAME'].preg_replace('/#.*$/', '', $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI']).wp_cache_get_cookies_values().$more);

  6. I think he was being sarcastic.