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Three Small but Nice Leopard Features

1) The Help Menu

2) Preview in Order
Preview finally opens images in the proper order. No longer will "image04.jpg" be shown after "image21.jpg."

3) Screenshot Coordinates
When you press shift-cmd-4, the crosshairs appear with screenshot coordinates. If you just want to quickly approximate the size of an image or take a properly sized screenshot, this is a great help.

5 Responses to "Three Small but Nice Leopard Features"

  1. Why don't you also wave a steak in front of Apple's lawyers, while you're at it? 😉

    I agree, though.

  2. RE: Screenshots

    While coordinates might be a nice addition, I really HATE what happens when you use shift-cmd-4-spacebar.

    Not only do you get the window you're trying to capture, but you also capture the GIGANTIC freaking shadows that surround the window.

    Maybe there's a workaround, or some setting which I haven't discovered. Still, annoying.

  3. As someone who has to date written three apps to add the shadow back in or mask out the white, making it alpha, in the area around the window, including the shadow, in an opaque screenshot, and furthermore has been trying to solve it in at least five distinct ways in Photoshop, I do like that the shadow comes along when you snap a screenshot. I don't like that it's the size of Texas, but one will live.

  4. There are quite a few nice little things I've discovered (and surely plenty more I will discover) as I play around with Leopard. Some of them are little "Oh sweet" moments, like iChat's handling of URL's, while others are subtle improvements in an interface or behavior. There are a few things I've run into after an hour or two of playing that make me question the decision to change that behavior, but overall I've been quite pleased, and I'm definitely looking forward to the final version, especially when all my software works (especially the interface-changing stuff I run).

    One odd thing was when the installer started up, and almost immediately the screen dimmed immensely. Fortunately, it came back after the screen dimmed while it was installing, but still.

  5. P.S. I wholeheartedly agree with Jesper: adding a shadow to window screenshots is great, because it makes it look more like you pulled it straight out of your workspace. Could the shadow be smaller, sure, but at least there IS a shadow, and you can clearly see the boundaries of your windows, which is always problematic with windows with white backgrounds on web pages with white backgrounds in Tiger.