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iPhones $200 Off? Holy Wow!

First off, I bought my iPhone something like 17 days ago, at $449. Now the 8 GB model is $399 without the discount. Wow. Bummer for me. Has Apple ever cut a product's price by 33% just over two months after its introduction? I mean, Wow!

And a 160 GB iPod ("Classic") that holds 40,000 songs is $349? WOW! I'm not getting one - my 80GB just sits in my Touareg's glove box - but it's good to know they're cheap and hold so much these days.

$0.99 for a ringtone is too much. I'll continue to spend a few minutes to edit my own stuff. It's unclear to me, too, but it seems like you only get the 30 seconds you edit and create with no possibility to later change your mind.

I'd be even happier if, today, I could unlock my iPhone prior to the AT&T buyout of Cellular One is complete in late December or early 2008.

4 Responses to "iPhones $200 Off? Holy Wow!"

  1. I'd like to see Mail and Google Maps on the iPod Touch (I imagine this will happen within a week of people getting their hands on them). I'm tempted, very tempted. But too many other things in the queue to buy and my 2nd gen. iPod is trucking along just fine.

    And for the cheapskates, 4 GB iPhones are $299 while supplies last.

  2. I'd like to see Mail too. It's something Apple should include. Google Maps would be nice, but not as big of a deal. I'd really like the mobile safari and mail apps but don't really want to do an iPhone since I'm almost always someplace with wifi. I don't really want the extra phone bill for something I'll almost never use.

  3. I, too, wanted to see Mail on the Touch model. I understand why it's not there (it would take away from iPhone sales), but I don't understand the absence of the Google Maps icon - Safari is there, so why not Google Maps? All it is is an iPhone-specific interface to the regular Google Maps website, so I don't see why it's not there.

    And yeah, I don't get the $0.99 pricing of a ringtone - and that you can only make one from music that you bought from the iTunes Store. 99 cents is too much, and the selection is too limited. Good thing there's iToner - the only ringtones I use are old TV show theme songs (and only ones without lyrics - magnum, p.i.; Rockford Files; Simon & Simon; Sanford & Son).

  4. $0.99 for a ringtone where you can customize the specific snippet of the song you get is quite a better deal than $2.50 for some random portion of a song. But it still leaves open the market for iToner, as Daniel mentioned.