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What’s it Worth to You?

I paid $449 for my iPhone something like 17 days ago. D'oh! I'm just outside of the 14-day (or 10-day) window to get a refund.

I don't really care. It's a bit of a bummer that my timing was a tad off, but that's all.

The iPhone was worth $449 to me then, and the $399 pricing introduced today doesn't change that value proposition.

I've already seen a number of complaints. They remind me of something Carey told me about recently. Some guy in a mall kiosk was selling a package of nail-care products he said had an MSRP of $100. He asked Carey what the package would be worth to her, and she said $30 ((They sell for $29.95 on Amazon, so Carey had good sensibilities on this one.)). "We have a deal," he said and sold it to her for $30. The next woman in line - who clearly didn't hear what Carey had said - bought two for $55 apiece.

Carey was willing to spend $30, the other woman $55.

Some people were willing to spend $599. A whole lot more are going to be willing to spend $399.

It's supply and demand. Nobody's been screwed, nobody's been robbed, and nobody's been forced to spend money they didn't want to spend.

4 Responses to "What’s it Worth to You?"

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  2. Exactly Erik. There is nothing new about price drops. Movies, clothes. They all drop in price after a while, and though I can see how fashion changes quickly, a movie on the other hand is just as good next year as it was this year. Get over it people.

  3. Totally spot on. Everyone who's asked me how I feel about the new pricing has gotten a link to this post.

  4. [...] the end, again, since I didn't pay full price anyway, I'm not that bummed. Despite my own opinion, I can appreciate how others who paid $599 feel a bit betrayed and wonder if Apple will do anything [...]