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Apple Neutral on iPhone Development

This is good news: Apple has taken a neutral position on iPhone development.

Back when Apple said "no" to third-party APIs, many took that to mean they would take steps to exclude third-party apps from the iPhone. It turns out that installing an application is in fact easier on the iPhone (via than it is on the Mac, and that all sorts of apps spring forth daily.

I was always of the mindset that Apple should be allowed time to refine the API before "releasing" and "supporting" it for third-party use. That's still possible here: Joswiak says they won't promise upgrades won't break third-party apps, but does say they won't actively seek to break them.

The API is still in flux. A year from now, Apple may release a true iPhone SDK once the kinks have been worked out and everything's been settled. Heck, we may see the day where Apple offers third-party iPhone apps for sale from within a mobile iTunes (like they do with iPod games, currently).

One Response to "Apple Neutral on iPhone Development"

  1. Now if only jailbreaking were as brain-dead simple.