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iPhone Unlocked!

I made a call after using this guide. Tomorrow at some point I'll inquire about data plans, but for now it works. I'll also look forward to the forthcoming graphical application.

P.S. If you've put SSH on your iPhone, for crying out loud at least run passwd and change your root password to something other than "dottie."

P.P.S. Apparently some people are claiming credit for something they didn't do.

4 Responses to "iPhone Unlocked!"

  1. Yes, the guide you followed definitely came after the first one, i'm not going to judge what constitutes a rip-off but the one definitely came before the other.

  2. Nice!

    Be careful with the data plans if you want to switch over to AT&T when they buyout CellularOne. The phone companies like to try to lock you with a new 2 year agreement with any sort of plan change. So watch out for that chicanery.

  3. [quote comment="43258"]So watch out for that chicanery.[/quote]

    Will do. I'm month-to-month right now and am going to either just "add" a data option or not add it at all. No contracts here, especially since there's no incentive to sign up, like a free phone or something.

  4. Too bad we have to wait for a good 1 more year to see iPhone in Asia. I think i'll have someone sent it to me from UK and see how things go here.