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Fall TV 2K7

What shows - new or old - will you be tuning in to this fall?

I plan to give Chuck, Journeyman, and a few others a shot. I don't know if I'll bother to watch Heroes - I may record it and watch it if I have the time, but not otherwise.

And I will say this: without the DVR, I probably wouldn't watch much TV at all. Being able to watch three one-hour shows in less than two hours has its appeal, as I tend to watch from about 10pm or later after my day's work is done and the rest of the family is asleep.

2 Responses to "Fall TV 2K7"

  1. I agree on the DVR. Having just installed mine, I have all my shows lined up. I am watching Chuck, Life, How I met your mother, Bionic Woman, and Eureka. I usually don't watch anything when It comes on so the DVR has become a must.

  2. I got the first episode of Chuck for free via a TiVo promotion through Amazon Unbox, and take my word for it, this show sucks. Not worth your time. I missed Journeyman, and the first episode of Heroes did nothing to give me confidence after one of the most disappoin ting season ending episodes I have ever seen. So, Heroes is off my list now.

    There are only two news shows this season that I plan on watching. Kid Nation, which had a hilarious first episode is my first new entry. Its a lot of fun to watch little kids try and act like adults, and kids always find a way to inject humor into every situation. Lots of fun. The second new show I'll watch is Kitchen Nightmares, which has a fantastic british version you can catch on BBC America. The first episode of the US version was way over the top and not nearly as good as the british version, but I'll give it two or three more episodes to turn itself around before I throw in the towel. I just love the british version that much!

    As for old shows -- The Office, 30 Rock and Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia are the comedies to watch. Survivor and Beauty and the Geek are fun reality shows. The only drama left on my docket after Heroes fell out is Lost, which won't be back for some time, but is far and away my favorite show of all time!