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Self-Made iPhone Ringtones

So Apple has this pretty awesome way to create your own little jingles and things. It's called Garage Band.

And Apple has this nifty little phone that can play little jingles and things. It's called the iPhone.

But there's no way to get something from the first thing onto the second thing.

None at all.

2 Responses to "Self-Made iPhone Ringtones"

  1. It really stinks that they are doing this. I mean, the only people who are going to do it are the ones who would be into hacking their phones. Not that ringtones involes any hacking, but it's the same type of people.

    I'm really disappointed in Apple for this.

  2. That's not entirely true. You could use GarageBand to come up with a really great song, get a label to sign you, get the label to put you in the iTMS, get the label to agree to allow that song to be used as a ringtone and *poof* there's no step 3 (hundred).