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Steelers Lose to Cardinals

Bruce Arians had a very bad gameplan (very little play action, too much of the old "run-run-pass" offense). The offensive line had a horrible game. And key penalties (one leading to the TD return) and mistakes (Ben's INT from the two yard line) cost the Steelers the game.

Even still, I like everything both Ben Roethlisberger and Mike Tomlin had to say after the game. Tomlin said something to the effect of "The 11 guys we have on the field represent the Pittsburgh Steelers, we have full confidence in the 45 guys we put in hats each week, and we'll never use injuries as an excuse." Good stuff and definitely an upgrade over Bill Cowher.

I expect the Steelers to take it out on the Seahawks next week.

3 Responses to "Steelers Lose to Cardinals"

  1. I thought the Steelers and the Browns switched uniforms for the week. I could not believe the Browns played as well as they did, the Steelers looked horrible out there.

  2. Is the Steeler's O line that bad or did the Card's D line have that good of a game? I know Roethlisberger had only been sacked 4 times going into the game. They got him 4 time, but it should have been 8 or 9. Ben played Houdini a bunch of times. It felt like the O line was being manhandled with how much pressure was on Ben and Parker's 37 yards.

  3. [quote comment="43561"]Is the Steeler's O line that bad or did the Card's D line have that good of a game?[/quote]

    The O-Line is questionable, but not that much. The Cards had 7 or 8 in the box almost all day and the Steelers did little to nothing to stretch the field. No wide motion, no four-wides, no play-action passes. Horrible game-planning and NO half-time adjustments.