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Editing Browser Cookies


Just today I became frustrated with editing my cookies (I don't know why I bothered to look at the list) and just deleted them all en masse. I wish browser cookies were easier to manage (in Safari at least).

4 Responses to "Editing Browser Cookies"

  1. The only editing I do is to drop cookies set by the work website when I need to test something (force the ad cache to refresh, force a "oh noes, the cookie is gone!!1one" condition, that kind of thing).

    I find Safari is good for that. Safari 3 even added the ability to search. Most convenient of the cookie "editing" I've experienced across various browsers.

  2. You could always get SafariPlus. It lets you delete all cookies except those from a whitelist every time you quit Safari. Just put the sites you go to on the whitelist and set the option to delete.

    This way, you actually accept the cookies (so you don't have to worry about sites warning about cookies settings needing enabling) while still getting rid of everything you don't want.

  3. I don't know about "editing" per se... I occasionally rarely clear the cookies, but I generally leave them set to expire when they want to expire -- doesn't really concern me much.

  4. I use CocoaCookies for when I need to clear my dev site cookies.. use it to wipe urchin/other stat tracking cookies whenever I'm bored too.