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Bought New Range, Dishwasher, Refrigerator

Our search has come to an end. Today Carey and I purchased a new gas range, refrigerator, and dishwasher.

We first went to Sears where the woman who was "helping" us did an incredibly poor job. Still, we found some items we liked and wrote them down. I took pictures with my iPhone so we could remember what they were.

We went to Home Depot next where we found a few more things we liked as well as some good pricing.

Finally, we went back to Lowe's, where we'd stopped yesterday, and ordered everything.

Gas Range
We went with the PGB916DEMBB, a GE Profile gas range. It's got a continuous cast iron surface with an oval center burner, a warming tray, and convection heating. It's fairly large and has some nice things like delayed cooking, a non-stick griddle, etc. We were able to get Lowe's to price-match Home Depot and we saved over $350 here.

A 21.7 cubic foot Whirlpool refrigerator, the GR2FHTXT, met our needs here. It's a freezer-on-top model with an ice maker, filtered water, some movable storage compartments in the door, a freezer light, and more. We saved nearly 30%+ here off the standard pricing. Online it lists it as silver only, but we ordered it in black and it was shown in white at Sears, so…

Showing our complete lack of brand loyalty (actually, we just tried to choose the highest ranking items in Consumer Reports), we went with a KitchenAid here, the KUDK03CTBL (which is listed as the KUDW at Lowe's). It's got some nice features, including the pot scrubber in the back and an adjustable height tray, some clips for holding down lightweight cups, nylon coated racks, stainless steel interior, etc.

I got a self-tapping kit to tap into the cold water line to run the hose for the fridge. It seems a bit hacky, but that's how it's done, I guess. Fine by me.

Delivery will not be for a few days. Installation of the dishwasher is $59 (but under PA law, we don't pay sales tax on the dishwasher now). We pay $65 to have everything delivered (and the old stuff hauled away), but then that gets refunded to us.

6 Responses to "Bought New Range, Dishwasher, Refrigerator"

  1. Freezer on top? What is this, 1987? 😉

    Just kidding. You know what works best for you 🙂

  2. I'm about to have my kitchen redone, now that the people who will be doing it finished my neighbor's kitchen.

    My refrigerator & dish washer are fairly new, so I only need to get a new range, since it's probably the original one from when this place was built in the 70s. Unfortunately there are some major limitations in what I can get.

    I have a narrow galley kitchen with no gas hookup, so I can only use an electric range. Due to the way the counter overhangs it, I can't get anything more than 41" high, so I can only get a slide in or drop in range. Those kind seem to be much more expensive than the others.

  3. [quote comment="43658"]Freezer on top? What is this, 1987? :wink:[/quote]

    I like freezer-on-the-bottom as well, but Consumer Reports says the freezer-on-top models are more reliable.

    Since we have a freezer chest in our basement, we don't use the kitchen freezer for more than ice, ice cream, and other small stuff. I liked not having to bend to get into the fridge… but someone who is about 36" tall will appreciate being able to get her own juice, apples, etc. now. 🙂

    Mike: do you have a backsplash? So you're looking for a range that has the controls on the front with no backsplash control area? We looked at those for a little while (I briefly entertained the thought of putting in a backsplash of some sort) and most started in the mid-range and moved upwards, but some weren't horribly expensive. And most had a good number of features, too, like convection cooking and warming trays.

  4. What wonderful model names!

  5. You don't have to use a saddle valve to tap in for the ice maker (and I have seen enough problems with them to not do t that way). Unfortunately, to do it a better way, you need to know a bit more about plumbing.

  6. New appliances are great.

    However, if you only knew how cheap appliances are. We recently updated the kitchen. Gas range, stainless refrigerator, stainless oven, stainless microwave.

    Through some connections, we were able purchase our appliances directly from GE. I would say we saved about 50% off of the cost.

    Retail markup sucks