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New Dishwasher Installed

The new dishwasher was installed today. It's snug - the opening is slightly undersized, so you've got to push a little to really seal the door. Honestly, it feels good and gets a better seal. Almost like high-end cars and the "snugness" their doors exhibit over, say, a Ford Escort.

The installer told me a few things, the veracity of which I intend to check out:

  • Powder detergents clean the best. Those little tabs are still releasing soap into the rinse cycle and liquid detergents have washed away long before the wash cycle is finished.
  • You should use rinse agents not so much for the dishes but for the dishwasher (particularly if you have stainless steel). "When you call up about a warranty question, the first thing they'll ask you is what rinse agent you use, and if you say you don't, they'll say 'sorry!'"
  • Try not to interrupt cycles. New dishwashers calibrate themselves every time they're run and will take longer to re-calibrate if interrupted. Always make sure the first cycle (dishes or not, doesn't matter) is not interrupted.

I also asked the guy about the self-tapping "hack" to add a water line to your refrigerator. He said in most cases that's actually better than cutting pipe and running more copper tubing.

P.S. And then we found out that the wrong dishwasher was installed. We've mistakenly got the $200 less model. Oy.

4 Responses to "New Dishwasher Installed"

  1. Pretty interesting note about the powder detergents. I just moved into a new place and have, for all intents and purposes, my first dishwasher. I bought Electrosol tabs with the little ball in the center and have been quite pleased with the results over the 4-5 times I've run the thing. There's been no trace of soap left on the dishes. And even if the installer's claim is true that soap is still releasing during the rinse cycle, does it really matter as long as it's all rinsed away by the end of the cycle?

  2. [...] few days ago our "new" dishwasher was installed. Today we had the proper model [...]

  3. So what dishwasher did you get?

  4. [quote comment="43766"]So what dishwasher did you get?[/quote]

    We bought the KUDW03CTBL. A KitchenAid model. May not be über-top-of-the-line but it's the most expensive one Lowe's sells in our store.