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Google AdSense into PayPal?

I tend to use my PayPal account as "petty cash." If I do a quickie job for someone that pays $100, I'll dump $50 of it to my bank account from PayPal and leave the rest there to pay for some software or some iTunes or other things like that.

I'd like to set up my AdSense account so that it dumps money into my PayPal account rather than to my bank account, but that doesn't seem possible. Is it? Have I overlooked something? Can it be done?

2 Responses to "Google AdSense into PayPal?"

  1. It wasn't possible the last time I checked. When I asked Google about the possibility, they said it was something they hoped to offer in the future. But that's a year or two ago so...

  2. The only two options Google offers are direct deposit or check. They are adding a Western Union option for those outside of the US.