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NetFlix in Erie?

Just recently, rather than sending my DVDs from NetFlix back to Pittsburgh, I've noticed that they instead go to PO Box 13001, Erie, PA 16514.


One Response to "NetFlix in Erie?"

  1. Always nice to have things potentially sped up. My Netflix warehouse of choice is only a couple of miles away from me. It would actually be faster to drive them over, but, like most Netflix subscribers, I enjoy the convienece of not having to bother. Oh coarse, if I start turning discs back in too quickly, my warehouse starts being changed to locations further away until I slow down a bit. The best part of that is that Netflix thinks they are throttling me, but discs still only take overnight to reach me, and Netflix never moves the destination warehouse furhter away than the initial "throttling" location. Just good luck I guess.