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Heroes, Season Two

So what's the general consensus on Heroes, season two?

I said after last season's conclusion that I wasn't sure I was going to watch this season.

I don't care about the Guatemalan people, Sylar, "the company," or any of that stuff.

5 Responses to "Heroes, Season Two"

  1. Back on topic, yes I know it was very disappointing last season's finale, but there's nothing more to see. So it doesn't hurt watching it.

    The same goes for Prison Break, i'm only looking forward to watching Lost...

  2. Sylar is one of the only reasons i keep watching. 🙂

  3. So what's left that you *do* care about?

    Personally, I still don't understand how Peter survived. Nor his brother. the 2 from guatemala, bleh. The kid dating the cheerleader, bleh.

    Interestingly enough I received a survey from NBC last week via email that was specifically asking about each story line and whether I'd be interested in them at all.

  4. Once the writers go on strike, it won't matter if you want to watch it or not.

  5. I'm watching to find out the "why" and possibly the "how" if they ever get around to explaining that. I like the hints they're giving about the connections between the various heroes, their parents (the mysterious group of 12), Kensei in the feudal Japan, etc.

    I suppose if you don't like the SciFi conspiracy type of show, you probably wouldn't like this.

    Have you ever seen The 4400?