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Scorecard 1.2 Released

Scorecard IconScorecard, a golf statistics program for Mac OS X, is now available at version 1.2.

Feature Highlights in Version 1.2:

  • HTML export of rounds for displaying on the web.
  • Deactivation of rounds for the statistics window to allow the user to focus on a time period or set of rounds.
  • Printing of the statistics screen.
  • Smart selection of the course when adding a new round based on play history.
  • Statisics can now be based on all tees for a course.
  • Undo support in the round and course entry sheets (Leopard only).

Various Performance Improvements and Bug Fixes:

  • A possible crash when printing scorecards.
  • Fixed an issue with registering if a previous registration failed.
  • Fixed a bug that only occurs with the Safari 3 beta installed.
  • Fixed a couple stat display errors.
  • Fixed an issue where rounds were not updated correctly if the tee is edited.
  • Miscellanious bug and performance issues.

More information on Scorecard is available at Cynical Peak.

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