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There’s an Opera in my Bridge

Today I accidentally hit shift-cmd-U. Opera - yeah, that Opera - launched.

I quit Opera and looked in my Applications folder for a copy. Failing to find one, I performed a search. I threw away a few Opera preferences folders but found no Opera application.

So I hit shift-cmd-U again… and used the dock menu to locate Opera. Here's where I found it:

/Applications/Adobe Bridge CS3/Bridge CS3/Contents/MacOS/Opera


This is part of why, by the way, I hate the Services menu in its current form.

12 Responses to "There’s an Opera in my Bridge"

  1. I believe Dreamweaver uses Opera to do mobile device page previews.

  2. [quote comment="43765"]I believe Dreamweaver uses Opera to do mobile device page previews.[/quote]

    I'm sure it's used for something (whether or not I will use it for that something remains to be seen), but I will note I don't have Dreamweaver installed (and never have).

    I just think it's a bit cheap to hide full, independent applications like this inside of another application. It's not like some little daemon or something. At least ship a copy that doesn't populate my services menu or something. That's like littering.

  3. I'd put a bigger part of the blame on Adobe and not Apple (Services). You would think something like a browser being installed would be mentioned during the CS3 install, but alas it is not.

    Adobe has created (IMO) one of the most un-friendly installs and update procedures with CS3 on the Mac.

    And they wonder why everyone is wishing for some competition to Photoshop....

  4. [quote comment="43774"]I'd put a bigger part of the blame on Adobe and not Apple (Services).[/quote]

    I don't blame Apple.

  5. Long ago I had the same issue with Shift-Command-U launching the version of Opera bundled with Photoshop Elements 3:

    /Applications/Adobe Photoshop Elements 3/Photoshop Elements

    It's a crippled version for the built-in help viewer.

  6. HI
    I've got the old Adobe CS installed, with Bridge and in the, I do find an Opera too. It's version 7.5.4

  7. Wow... you don't know how glad I am that I found this page... I seriously thought I was going mad when I suddenly discovered that I had Opera on my computer... as I never installed it and did a clean install with Leopard.

    I've actually got two, 9.10 and 9.20.

  8. I use an app that always opens Opera. I installed Opera a long long time ago but removed it completely more than 2 years ago. I was really getting crazy as it kept opening it even if I removed it 2 years ago.

    Has anybody tried to delete Opera from inside Bridge ? I wonder what would happen but I fear it will mess thing up and since this is my main computer, I cannot afford to mess with it at this time.

  9. I found this too - I cmd+clicked on a .jpg and found "Opera" to be one of the programs I could open a jpg with. I located Opera using quicksliver and deleted it from Bridge's .app folder.

    Bridge is working fine. (i never use it anyway)

    Opened up Dreamweaver and its working fine. Also, the Adobe help viewer seemed to work fine.

    I installed the newest version of Opera into my applications folder for testing web dev projects. Opera is kind of cool, actually. I just don't know why Adobe were so underhanded about installing it and putting it in the bridge app. Why not just install it with CS3 and tell me why I need it? Weird.

  10. found this on another blog:

    "Opera is used in the Device Central for showing how pages will render on mobile, similar to how it is used in Small Screen mode in the desktop browser. DC is quite cool as it has information about a lot of mobile models that it integrates into the preview."

  11. IMHO, i guess its OK for adobe to do this, but why not tell me, and let me download Opera myself? you can litter my services menu with a thousand useless entries, stick random apps where they don't belong, screw my computer up, at least TELL ME!!! i chose the option to install photoshop ONLY, and i have Bridge, Device Central, and Stock photos... I mean, what if i don't want to make flash for my cellphone, or connect to other people, or buy photos? can't i just have photoshop?

    bah my hard disk is small enough as it is

  12. […] to do with displaying help, but according to a couple of other blog posts and the comments in them (example), it seems to be used to preview how things will display on mobile […]