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Annoying Safari “Bug”

When you download a .dmg that contains an application, Safari ((I'm using the 3.0 beta on 10.4.10)) warns you that it "may contain an application." You're given two buttons: "Cancel" and "Continue".

It annoys me that, when you choose "Cancel," what appears to be a worthless ".download" file remains in your Downloads folder. You can double-click it to "complete" the download ((It's actually already completed; if you look inside the .download package, the full .dmg file is inside.)).

This strikes me as both a potential security risk ((I clicked "Cancel" for a reason, after all - It shouldn't be so easy to "get" the full .dmg again.)) and a clutter issue: why keep stuff I've "canceled"? I didn't "stop" or "pause" the download - I canceled it. Delete the stupid ".download" file too!

2 Responses to "Annoying Safari “Bug”"

  1. This happens in Safari 2 too - and it annoys me too.

  2. I agree and disagree. I agree this is annoying and confusing. Where I disagree is I think Safari ought to behave like every other browser on the planet and leave a .dmg file on the disk. Cancel should mean, I just wanted to download this but I do not want to open it right now. I think deleting the file after would be a mistake. Leaving the .download file is probably even worse though as it is fairly unexpected to see one of those files lying around.