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Cyndicate 1.0.4 Beta, Cutting Edge Releases, and Scorecard 1.2.1

As Brad notes at the Cynical Peak Blog, Cyndicate 1.0.4 beta is available. The beta fixes all known Leopard issues, so users running Mac OS X 10.5 will probably want to try this build out immediately. It fixes a few other issues as well: parsing incorrect Atom 0.3 feeds, a small memory leak, and some others.

Users of the beta will note that they can choose "Release" or "Cutting Edge" in their update settings. If you're comfortable trying out (or at least being notified) of beta-level updates, try the "Cutting Edge" setting. Most users will want to stick with "Release," though.

Additionally, Scorecard 1.2.1 is also available. This fixes a navigation issue, adds an option to toggle the statistics between percentages and the actual values, and fixes a bug introduced in 1.2 that resulted in some statistics not showing properly.