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Panasonic’s HDC-SD5 Frame Rate

I'm interested in picking up Panasonic's HDC-SD5, but I still can't find an answer to this question: what's the fastest frame rate it can capture on video of SD size or better?

The technical specs say the "motion image" shutter speed can range from 1/30 to 1/8000 second. I'm sure it might have to sometimes go to 1/8000 to prevent blowouts in bright conditions… but that obviously doesn't mean it can take even 100 frames per second.

So, what's the answer?

One Response to "Panasonic’s HDC-SD5 Frame Rate"

  1. A quick flick through the manual says it doesn't have a frame rate setting, which means you're stuck at I'd guess 30 fps (though oddly, it doesn't say).

    On an electronic camera, shutter speed is the time between resetting the sensor and reading off the electrical charge that's accumulated. So all a fast shutter speed indicates is that it's capable of delaying the reset process until moments before it's time to read the sensor. It doesn't indicate it's capable of reading off the data more often than usual.