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ShareThis 2.0

ShareThis 2.0 is now available.

I did a trial run, but the current version is a big step backwards in my book. It ignores several of the top-ranked items in the "optimizing website performance" video I watched a few days ago ((Doesn't minify JavaScript, increases DNS lookups and HTTP transfers, puts JavaScript high on the page, and others.)) and it's far less customizable than 1.4 - simply unacceptable for an upgrade.

1.4 will keep working just fine… not that anyone here uses it anyway. Perhaps I'll just remove it entirely.

P.S. Obviously this has no impact on our use of "ShareThis" within Cyndicate.

One Response to "ShareThis 2.0"

  1. Take a look at the Classic version (1.5) as an interim solution until the new version is updated to the point where it meets your needs. This way you can get the stats features (assuming you'd like them).