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Torero's recently opened up in Erie behind Damon's on Peach Street (in the old Fazoli's). Carey and I have gone a number of times and really dig it.

Torero's is authentic Mexican food. If Taco Bell is your idea of Mexican, you'll want to either stay away or prepare to have your eyes opened. It's good food at a pretty good price. I've gotten the chalupa each time, and one of them fills me up just fine.

One quirk: the pop often costs more than the margaritas and/or beer. So… if you like to drink…

Soon an O'Charley's will be open here and they're putting a McDonald's in nearby as well, both in that lot that's just across the street south of the Millcreek Mall. Hopefully O'Charley's has a good burger (their triple-bacon looks good) and the McDonald's will save us a mile or so of driving to the one in front of Sam's Club.

8 Responses to "Torero’s"

  1. The only Mexican food I got while I was in the U.S. was at Chevy's. How do they compare to Taco Bell and Torero's?

  2. [quote comment="44446"]The only Mexican food I got while I was in the U.S. was at Chevy's. How do they compare to Taco Bell and Torero's?[/quote]

    I don't know. Never been. I know I got some really good Mexican food at a place in Florida when I lived there, but it was just a local, single restaurant. It had Mexican beverages and everything - some pretty funky flavors of pop. Of the fast food Mexican places out there, Chipotle's is the best I've had (I've not had that many).

  3. Three cheers for Chipotle!

  4. Are there not a lot of Mexican workers in Pa.?

    We have a ton of mexican restaurants ran by real Mexicans (well, some could be from other central American countries) but they all have a similar menu, and their english is very limited.

    It is pretty good stuff though.

    O'Charleys?? Yuck.

  5. [quote comment="44527"]Are there not a lot of Mexican workers in Pa.?[/quote]

    I must admit I'm not up on the employment numbers. But from my observations of the Erie area workforce, no, not many workers of South American heritage.

    [quote comment="44527"]O'Charleys?? Yuck.[/quote]

    Is it bad? I've never been to one so I don't know. I'm just trying to find a half-decent burger. 🙁

  6. You have never been to an O'Charleys? I have to say that I am really surprised by that. I don't know much about Erie but I assumed that O'Chucks would be in Pennsylvania. I just went to their website. They look to be mostly a SE and MW kind of thing.

    The chicken fingers and potato soup are probably the best thing that they have. Steak and the rest of the menu is kind of sketchy.

    I guess the migrant workers don't get up that north. I would say that Louisville easily has 40 or more Authentic Mexican restaurants.

  7. Torrerro's= Two thumbs up
    (my fiance says he found hair in his food though)

    O'Charleys=Ehhh. Maybe this one will change my opinion... doubt it!

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