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Kindle Up in Smoke?

Does anyone think Amazon's Kindle is a good idea? Anyone at all?

Update: Yup.

13 Responses to "Kindle Up in Smoke?"

  1. Its like many things, version one is quite limited and will fail. But version two will probably be a lot better. Fortunately noone really has horribly negative things to say about the hardware and once amazon ditches their pricing scheme (the whole damn scheme) the device will take off. They need to absolutely not charge for reading a small subset of RSS feeds like they do now. The devices should be subsidized by the future book purchase cost. A nominal subscription fee (say 5$/month) for EVDO access. A subscription like what I pay for amazon prime should enable me to get a FREE ebook of every hardcover book I purchase.
    I also think the combination of this tech + EVDO makes it a great platform for magazines and newspapers. Amazon does not seem to be leveraging that capability enough.

    Kindle 1.0, failure. Kindle 2.0 could be huge 🙂

  2. Idea, yes. Proposed implementation, current technical capabilities, DRM plan, no.

  3. I'm really on the fence with this one. Part of me wants to try one out, but another part of me despises the thought of a book with batteries.

    Before anything can really happen with this they will need to lower the cost.

  4. I think the Kindle is a good idea. Are you kidding? The ability to get new content from any populated area in the US? The ability to get newspapers and magazines? The ability to quickly buy a new book? All without having to hook up to a computer?

    The big problem I can see is how Amazon is restricting anyone else from putting DRM content on the Kindle... and I think that's going to garner some fair trade complaints.

    However, since Amazon owns Mobipocket (currently the largest source of rights-protected ebooks), all they have to do is to offer a conversion service (like their other conversion services, e.g., .DOC, .TXT, etc.) for .MOBI to .AZW. Then no one, including me, will have anything to complain about.

    I've actually played with a Kindle, and I was surprised that it is a lot more polished than one might believe from just looking at pictures. So surprised, in fact, that I bought one. How's that for an endorsement?

  5. I don't understand why a book needs so many buttons and why a $400 device with a monochrome display couldn't have a touch screen instead. Also, if it's true that books are just strings of text that are all rendered in the same layout and font instead of PDF, then it's lame.

  6. I'm okay with "DRM for my music" (not 100% okay, but enough to make an occasional purchase). I've been able to play my music on all of my devices, I like to re-play music frequently, and I don't re-sell my music or "give it away" to people.

    DRM for my books, however, is another thing altogether. I like to loan my books out, I like to give books away or re-sell them, and I only re-read a small percentage of the books I buy.

    Simply put: I can't see myself curling up in bed with a Kindle and I certainly wouldn't risk reading a Kindle while I soak in a warm bath.

  7. Olivier: It has a built in web browser. You also need the keyboard to easily search and buy books online. Remember, it doesn't require a computer.

    I thought the keyboard was odd too, until i watched the video and learned more about it.

    I recommend folks skeptical about it to check out the video on the amazon site.

    The killer feature is really the free EVDO. Free web browser anywhere with no data plan? I'll take two.

    Also, you can get open formats into it via email.

  8. [quote comment="44551"]Also, you can get open formats into it via email.[/quote]

    And you'll pay every time you do, too.

  9. The video is killer, only because it's a sales pitch.

    The idea is also great, but the costs are crippling.

    I can understand how Amazon wants to make a profit, but I can't figure out how a consumer would want to pay 400 bucks so they can pay Amazon for even more books.

    Yes, EVDO is a mucho cool and muy rapido but I can live without that.

    The funny thing is they named it "kindle" since the only people who would buy it are people with money to burn.

  10. Not sure if you read the post at your "Update" link. The author decidedly does not like the Kindle. Unless "Yup" wasn't intended to read as an answer to the question preceding it.

  11. [quote comment="44586"]Not sure if you read the post at your "Update" link.[/quote]

    I was saying "yup" as in "I agree with what's said here (linked)."

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