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Black Friday Sale(s)

Cynical Peak is offering 33% off of its products - Cyndicate and Scorecard - today only. It's "Black Friday" after all. Details are available here, but in short, it's your chance to pick up a copy of either for $19.95.

Carey woke up early (3am!) to get to Kohl's, which opened at 4am, and then WalMart next door at 5am. I've asked her to pick up a 4 GB SDHC card ($27.99), an Xbox 360 game (Orange Box) I may return ($48), and Office:2004 Student/Teacher edition. Why? Because it'll let me get Office 2008 for less than fifty bucks. I'm not certain it applies to online orders (or else I'd just get it from, so I'm trying to find it locally. I may have to venture out myself later if Carey can't find it ((Or doesn't want to find it, for which I can't blame her.))

Update: sherjo says in the comments: "Yes, online or offline purchases qualify as long as the purchase was made on Friday, 23rd November, 2007." So, I guess I'll just get it off now.

One Response to "Black Friday Sale(s)"

  1. Is your wife a student anywhere? Do you know any college students? Most college bookstores have Office for students enrolled at the college.

    I think I bought it for 10 bucks from the bookstore. You might want to look into it.