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New Tires on the Touareg

After two years and about 27,000 miles, the Touareg's tires were in need of replacement. I went to Dunn Tire on Peach Street and got a pretty good deal on some Dueler H/L Alenzas in the Touareg's odd size (255/60HR17). They're rated pretty well (600A A) and other review seem favorable.

Dunn has a few nice services, like free rotation and whatnot. They're 65,000 mile tires, so I'm going to read the fine print and do what I can to make sure I follow the policy, because at $750 I don't want to replace them every 25,000 miles. Dunn also filled the tires with nitrogen - big whoop. Here's to an extra 0.001 miles to the gallon! 😀

2 Responses to "New Tires on the Touareg"

  1. Were those the original tires that you replaced? I've got 25,000 miles on my Mazda and the original tires just got replaced; Those things were probably the cheapest tires ever, and I've never driven the car hard at all. It just seems ridculous to me to buy a new car and have them skimp on the friggin' tires.

  2. Yeah, the originals. Truth be told I probably let them get a little more worn out than I should have. Stock tires tend to be pretty crappy, don't they?

    Then again Carey replaced the tires on her Aztek more recently than we purchased the Touareg, so that means her last set of tires were even crappier.

    Word to the wise: don't get tires at Sam's Club. They broke her wheel cover and took two and a half hours.