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Sync: What’s the Problem?

You know, the only annoying thing about having an iPhone is that the Sync server will often have problems with the images.


In fact, I've got an iPhone, Adium (which updates user images), .Mac backup, and BusySync - all of which lead to about three or four conflicts per day. I've found that the best thing you can typically do is choose "Later" when asked when you want to sync your changes. For some reason, choosing the "Now" option often leads to repeated sync conflicts regardless of whether I chose to keep the buddy icon on my iPhone or in my address book.

BTW, I don't sync my entire address book to my iPhone. Just the people who belong to an "iPhone" group in Address Book. Makes it so much simpler to find people when I need to call them.

One Response to "Sync: What’s the Problem?"

  1. The image compression scheme used by adium/address book/the iphone are different.

    this happens to me all the time. :/