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PHP RSS Parser

For a few years now, The Sand Trap has used MagpieRSS1 to handle a few of the RSS feeds on the site. In recent months, it's been acting very flaky.

A few weeks ago, I searched for some PHP XML processors. Most seemed to involve PEAR and libraries and whatnot. Phooey, I said. Today I was pointed at SimplePie, and it works wonderfully. I'm going to give it a week or two to run and, if I don't see any problems, I intend to donate.

Thanks, Jesper.

  1. I'm not even going to link to it. []

3 Responses to "PHP RSS Parser"

  1. Does it support any XML or just RSS/Atom?

  2. Josh said on December 13, 2007:

    Does it support any XML or just RSS/Atom?

    I can answer you by quoting their site:

    SimplePie is designed to specifically parse RSS and Atom feeds, not raw XML.

  3. Thanks. They had a link to a nice package to do other raw XML files:

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