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Your Browser of Choice?


10 Responses to "Your Browser of Choice?"

  1. I'm the OmniWeb freak. Commence the pointing and the laughing until the next time you find yourself wanting Site Preferences or vertical draggable thumbnail tabs.

  2. OmniWeb isn't that bad -- I just don't like having to pay for a browser. Really, the price isn't much, and I try to support Mac developers as much as I can (being one myself).

    Safari is my choice though, flitting to Firefox if I ever run into compatibility issues. Of Safari, I use two addons: Inquisitor and TwiceTab. Loverly ad-blocking I handle via Privoxy and System proxy settings.

  3. I use Safari 99% of the time. I use Camino two or three times a month. I use it most often for ordering pizza. (Safari 3 doesn't work right with the Papa John's ordering page for some reason.. I need to file a bug report with apple)

  4. I've put Safari down, although most of the time I'm actually using WebKit nightlies.

    @Jesper - draggable thumbnail tabs? SafariStand. And site preferences? Seriously...I did use OmniWeb for a long time - never saw the need. YMMV I suppose.

  5. Safari for the meantime, but I'm waiting hopefully on Firefox 3. Hopefully Mozilla doesn't drop the ball for Mac users :).

  6. I use Firefox for a few good reasons:
    1) GoogleBrowserSync. I can sync my bookmarks across the machines, across platforms.

    2) Security. I had a car up auction on eBay. A scammer sent me a link to a spoof eBay site. Safari didn't detect the spoof, but Firefox caught it.

    Oh, the spoof site was REALLY GOOD....

    3) Firebug and the Web Developers Toolkit.

    4) Themeable, not that I use it that much.

  7. I've started using camino since the first day I had my mac. Very stable very well integrated into the OS.

    I do use webkit Nightlys sometimes... like to order things online cause I don't feel bad about clearing out my precious cookies and loosing time.

    I'd buy a mac just to use camino, my favorite browser ever.

  8. [quote comment="45015"]@Jesper - draggable thumbnail tabs? SafariStand. And site preferences? Seriously...I did use OmniWeb for a long time - never saw the need. YMMV I suppose.[/quote]

    SafariStand is nowhere as smooth as OmniWeb's implementation. I use every last drop out of it, and I can tell the difference from a mile away. My only complaint is that you can't drag multiple html files into the tab bar in one drag.

    I use site preferences a *lot*.

    There are two other things that I forgot to mention. The first thing is, like the tabs and site preferences, really make-or-break: the source editor, using which you can view source, edit the source and click update to have it refresh in the original tab. (As far as I'm concerned, providing functionality like that is the *only* circumstance under which you're allowed to implement your own damn window for viewing source instead of just opening it in an editor of your choice.)

    The second thing is that if you have nothing focused, hitting enter/return will automatically follow the first link containing the word 'next'. This is a great time saver, and it looks in some other places too to make it work well for images - I think it looks in the image's location URL or in the link's URL.

    That's not to say that I wouldn't want the inline Find bar introduced in Firefox that has now gotten into Safari as well.

  9. I've been playing with the new Firefox 3 Beta 2 and it's pretty solid. I switched to Safari because of the numerous memory leaks in Firefox but those seem to be buttoned up.

  10. As much as I want to use Safari, I keep going back to crashy Firefox 2.0. Little things like being able to run a Greasemonkey script that let's me open Google Reader pages in a new tab (in the background) instead of in a new window/tab that steals focus and the inability to set Ctrl + Tab to switch tabs in Safari make Safari a no-go for me.