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Cyndicate 1.1 Now Available

Cyndicate 1.1 is now available. This is a free update for all Cyndicate users.

This release is mainly bug fixes with a few nice little features added in (like the ability to set what count the dock will show), auto-scrolling of the article list when you reach the top or bottom, and video attachments to YouTube's feeds are now embedded in the article pane.

  • Added an option to set the dock to show the count of either all unread, the inbox, or none.
  • Added a fix for feeds that have bad text encodings
  • Added support for youtube videos listed in the mrss format
  • The article list will now auto scroll
  • Changed the way favicons are loaded to try to prevent a lock
  • Fixed deleting inactive feeds and their articles
  • Fixed selection change when moving articles in the feed view
  • Fixed automatic downloading
  • Fixed delete filters on intel machines