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Christmas 2K7

Christmas 2K7 is now in the past.

  • The Alton Brown prime rib went over really, really well. Unfortunately, someone suggested it would take only an hour to cook eight pounds of meat at 200°, and deferring to her 40+ years in the kitchen, I started cooking it at 3:30. Suffice to say we were finally able to eat just short of 9… But the meat was worth the wait and we now know how long it takes. Mmmmmmmmmm.
  • I'm probably one of the few people in the world who wired the living room with wireless strobes and reflective umbrellas for capturing the best Christmas pictures. 😛 I used the 24-70L exclusively and started at ISO 400 and f/5.6, but later switched to ISO 200 and f/4. The latter produced better pictures which blurred the tree but left the person in front of the tree very sharp. I'm very pleased with how the images turned out and will likely do the same for future holidays.
  • The Wii saw lots of action, all of it in Wii sports. I'm convinced someone could buy a Wii, never buy another game, and be pretty happy with it as a family fun machine. SceneIt on the Xbox 360 also saw some action. Despite my brother-in-law's (and his wife's) smack talk, I beat them both down. 😀
  • You know how, as a kid, you got so many presents that you got tired of opening them and wanted to stop? Yeah, uhhh, me either.

So, Holiday season 2K7 is just about in the books, and thus far it's been a success.

3 Responses to "Christmas 2K7"

  1. FWIW, when I cook prime rib on the smoker it usually takes ~2 hours @ 350 for ~8 lbs. I decide when its done based on the internal temperature, not wall clock, but knowing the estimated cooking time before you get started is always nice.

    I actually cooked it a little shorter this year than last. I think some of the guests would have preferred it slightly more well done, but as far as I'm concerned, it was excellent.

    The Wii was also a huge hit here. We also have Wii Winter Sports. I think you are right - even with no other games this would make a really fun family game machine.

  2. I always take my Wii back to my parents for xmas and it is always a hit.

    Wii Sports is always the favourite, but this year Mario and Sonic at the Olympics got more playtime. Even with the less then impressive reviews, I was really surprised at how fun Olympics was. Definitely worth a look.

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