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Best and Worst of 2007

Post your best and worst of 2007 in the comments. Limit yourself to one or put 20 items down for each - I don't care ((Though if you're doing the latter, why don't you have a blog of your own?))!

Here's to hoping everyone has it great in 2008.

My lists will appear in the extended entry. They'll have some blanks for awhile as I consider the possibilities.


  1. DirecTV's increased HD capacity. Woot! Dirty Jobs in HD looks even dirtier!
  2. The iPhone (and, in some ways, AT&T's buyout of Cellular One).
  3. My golf handicap (lowest ever) and my new winter activity: playing hockey.
  4. Leopard (Mac OS X 10.5). Yeah, parts still feel half-baked ((Spaces, for example, is useful but could be oh so much better.)), but it's a good upgrade overall. Time Machine rocks. Also Objective C 2.0, Interface Builder 3.0, and some other development tools.
  5. The U.S. Open at Oakmont. Simply fabulous.
  6. Some good TV shows. Of course, as 2007 comes to a close, so do the new episodes of virtually any good TV shows.
  7. Cyndicate and Scorecard. The latter has proven very handy and the former finally furthered the wishes I had for PulpFiction (and let me run a native feed reader on my Intel Mac).
  8. My Canon 5D and other assorted gear, the images it has produced, and my continued education in photography.
  9. The acquaintances, buddies, and genuine friends I can continue to talk to even though I - or they - have moved away.
  10. My family. Last but never least, we had a good year together. Our best yet.


  1. Idiots and people who are inept at their jobs. 'Nuff said.
  2. Time-Warner's take-over of my cable modem. It was never this slow with Adelphia.
  3. Patriots cheating/Drugs in sports (baseball). Puts a black mark on all recent achievements as well as current and future achievements (Would Randy Moss have signed with a team that's never won a Super Bowl?) As for steroids, well, I'm glad in some ways the Pirates have sucked for so long, because if they hadn't I might have been interested in baseball the past 15 years and thus even more disgusted than I am now.
  4. Apple's handling of the $200 iPhone price drop. I'm happy with my $100 gift card, but that was a reactionary and thus disappointing move from Apple.
  5. Wii shortages. How can any company leave a billion dollars on the table? Did they think they'd flop GameCube style?
  6. Rob Enderle. Puh-lease.
  7. Receiving a very large check due in January on the last day of December. Hello, unexpected income tax hit.
  8. Still using a 12" PowerBook. Hopefully this ends soon (MW2K8).
  9. I need to develop an exercise routine. My blood pressure topped 100/60 this year. Just need to do cardio/endurance stuff. This will mean either buying an elliptical or using the Y membership.
  10. Bush is still President. I supported his re-election over John Kerry (the devil you know against the one you don't), but I'll be glad to see his time in office end.

2 Responses to "Best and Worst of 2007"

  1. Pleeeease let there be a replacement for my 12" Powerbook at MW2008. I just can't bear to be without it and i'm on my 3rd battery, 2nd hard drive and 2nd superdrive now! I'm not sure how much longer the poor thing can last!

  2. I'm with you on finally replacing my 12" PB this year too.
    MW don't fail us! Smaller pro laptop come on down 🙂