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Breaking up with Guitar Hero 3

Jason Kottke writes about his break-up with Guitar Hero 3, and mine is awfully similar. I've even got an excuse, what with my bent pinkies and all.

I've beat "Easy" mode with five stars on all the songs. I don't think I've ever played a song perfectly, but I simply lack the desire to do so. Once I get five stars and move on, I don't go back and play much.

I have no interest in earning more money to buy more characters or guitars because, hell, I never see them, so who cares what they look like? I'm too busy looking at the fretboard.

I don't even particularly like the music. Something tells me the "80s" version of Guitar Hero would have appealed to me more. The only songs I really like are Barracuda, Welcome to the Jungle, Rock You Like a Hurricane, Slow Ride, one of the Bonus songs by some French pop group (fun patterns to play), and a few others.

Does anyone want to buy a barely-used copy of the game from me, complete with a guitar and the original box, instructions, etc.? It's for the Wii.

2 Responses to "Breaking up with Guitar Hero 3"

  1. Hey if nobody bit on your offer yet, I'm interested...

  2. [quote comment="45233"]Hey if nobody bit on your offer yet, I'm interested...[/quote]

    I was able to get $60 for it from Gamestop ($50 + 10% from my "EDGE" membership + $5 because I put it towards another game - Burnout Paradise).