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Online Gaming

For the purposes of this question, a few things that aren't "online" include LANs, web-based games, and single-player games.


Post a comment with your thoughts if you'd like as well.

2 Responses to "Online Gaming"

  1. Back when PCs had all the games and Macs had none, I was largely content because I had my N64, Dreamcast, or some other console to fill the gaming void.

    The one thing the consoles lacked for quite awhile was the ability to play online, and aside from the occasional Unreal Tournament that was thrown the direction of Mac users (usually well after the PC crowd had moved on to another game), I was left out of online gaming.

    Not true today. Even the lowly Wii allows for online gaming, and the Xbox Live and PSN are even better at bringing gamers together. Plus, you no longer have to worry about whether you've got cooperating versions of the game, the latest patches, etc.

    It's a brave new world in which to (virtually) shoot someone. 😛

  2. Only the desktop computer at the moment (and barely anything but WoW at that), but now that some more of my friends just got 360s we're talking about playing stuff on Live.