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My Macworld 2K8 Thoughts in Brief

Time Capsule
Great idea, good price, but it won't fit into my network without being redundant. I may still get one depending on the feasibility of a few options (see the end of the linked post).

Revised AppleTV
Great idea, good price, but it won't fit into my network without being redundant. My receiver's 3 HDMI ports are already in use ((Xbox 360, DVR, up-scaling DVD player)). If the AppleTV had the ability to upconvert DVDs, I'd pay another $100-150 and I'd replace my DVD player. If the AppleTV could bridge its Internet, I might make it fit. It does neither.

iTunes Movie Rentals
Couldn't care less. I use NetFlix and have never bought any movies or TV shows from iTunes. Additionally, see "AppleTV" above. Plus, 24 hour rule is dumb.

MacBook Air
Still dislike the "MacBook" name, and adding "Air" doesn't make that any better. Essentially, MBA = MB - RAM capacity - HD capacity - optical drive + $$$$$$$$. That's not a winning equation in my book. Plus, this could be the most breakable Mac in history. If anything, all the MBA has done is convince me to buy a MacBook (or two).

MacBook Pro (Non-)Updates
WTF? Hopefully these are just a month out. The current MBPs came out in June, so maybe March at the latest. Right?

Randy Newman
Lames One More Thing™ ever.

No more studios selling DRM-free music on iTunes may actually be worse than Randy Newman as the OMT™.

4 Responses to "My Macworld 2K8 Thoughts in Brief"

  1. MacBook Air
    But will the multi-touch trackpad become available to other notebooks via software update? I mean, is there a hardware difference, or just driver changes?

  2. And where is Aperture!?!?!?!

  3. [quote comment="45383"]And where is Aperture!?!?!?![/quote]


  4. FYI:

    I have found that the xBox360 does a great job upscaling DVD's, at least on my 30inch Sanyo. DVD's look great. Same with video. Looking forward to the "x360" app, as I would like to dump the PC I have hooked to the television (even though I just built a new one for that purpose). Cheers.