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Aperture 2.0 Rumors and Predictions

Could be tomorrow, or certainly in about eight days, that Apple will release Aperture 2.0. Anyone willing to post some rumors or predictions (not wishlists, which even I have done to death)?

My only prediction at this point is that we're going to see some really tight Flickr integration. My reasons for guessing at this are mostly private, but the public reasons would include the recent AppleTV update that integrated with Flickr.

Post your rumors and/or predictions in the comments below.

P.S. Leave an anonymous name if you'd like, but please still leave a valid email address. It won't be given to anyone, but I may want to send you an off-the-record email.

12 Responses to "Aperture 2.0 Rumors and Predictions"

  1. I wish I had some rumors, I would love an update. Faster would be great too, for some reason Aperture starts to get a bit sluggish with tens of thousands of images....

  2. I agree about the Flickr integration. Fraser Speirs, the author of FlickrExport, seems to be in communication with the Aperture team.

  3. [quote comment="45504"]I agree about the Flickr integration. Fraser Speirs, the author of FlickrExport, seems to be in communication with the Aperture team.[/quote]

    Uhm, or not:

  4. The last official communication I had with anyone on the Aperture team (other than for bug reports and issues related to the shipping versions of Aperture and FlickrExport) was at the release of Aperture 1.5. Prior to 1.5, I had been under NDA and working with pre-release builds to port FlickrExport over from iPhoto to Aperture.

    Since that time I have received no privileged information from Apple on Aperture. I have provided my feedback to the Aperture team both as a developer and user of the app but have not had any feedback on these ideas beyond a "Thank You".

    I'm as anxious for 2.0 as anyone else - as long as they don't build Flickr in!

  5. i've posted my thoughts and ideas about features i'd like to see in Aperture 2.0 at my blogspot. Keeping my fingers crossed for some goodness this week!

  6. Color Galore !

    We will most likely witness a progression similar to early Final Cut software. How it matured and gained it's ground (Adobe).

    Based on a hardware historical syntax, I think Apple will be the first to launch a true 10-bit color environment, done with no LUT (look-up-table) sampling.

    On the Apple hardware side we'll see new Cinema Displays with some very high color gamut + DisplayPort. With the use of new DisplayPort supported GPU's (in next MacBook Pro?) they will be now be able to handle the massive 10-bit data throughput.

    At the moment companies like NEC and Eizo uses typically a 8-12-8 bit LUT path in their very high-end pro monitors to aim to better control the high gamut colors. This is not at all ideal compared to a straight 10-10-10 path with no complicated, hardware assisted GUI to master.

    And here comes MY prediction: Apple acquired Silicon Color some time back and will now give us truely amazing color correction capabilities in 10-bit, as we have seen them implement it in the last iteration of Final Cut.

    I believe that it will pale the competition for some time, since they will be the only company able to offer the whole package!

  7. I'm hoping for plug-ins. I swear the only reason I use Photoshop on my images anymore is for Noiseware (greatest noise reduction software ever). If I could have that control within Aperture, I'm not sure I would ever use Photoshop again.
    I also agree that I think the color controls we've just seen added to Final Cut will hopefully make their way into Aperture in some way. That amount of color control would be amazing. Still a bit limited in color control with 1.5.6.

  8. [quote]Could be tomorrow, or certainly in about eight days, that Apple will release Aperture 2.0.[/quote]

    That would be just about... now. Right?

  9. #1 on the wish list? plugin/filter api. 3rd party functionality. support for ACR decoding. and features that make it easier to pass project between multiple computers would be nice. and no SBoD. and increased ui responsiveness, a must.

  10. I was very dissapointed when there was no news from Apple at the start of PMA 🙁

  11. man I hope you guys are all right about 2.0 coming any day. I am so looking forward to it.


  12. Any word on Aperture plug-in to upload directly to Photoshelter's new stock arena "Collection"?

    It exists for the "Archive" arena within Photoshelter. I have a feeling PS wants people to buy space in "Archiveæ, then transfer to "Collection", but it would be much easier to uploade directly to PSC from within Aperture, which would only increase sales in PSC.