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Time-Warner Speed Problems Solved?

Following this and this, I must say that the improvements Time-Warner has made are noticeable. Never before in the six months prior to the change would this have been possible:


Now all that's left is for Time-Warner to re-route some internal network stuff so that we're dumped onto the Internet from Canton, OH rather than routed through Adelphia's systems through New York and West Virginia. Ping times should drop just a bit when that happens.

I'm going to keep checking speed for the next few weeks, though less frequently. However, I consider this case "closed" for now. I still wish Time-Warner would communicate with customers better, though - that's an issue with them that I can't close.

One Response to "Time-Warner Speed Problems Solved?"

  1. I was very annoyed with TW's service. Our internet dropped put all the time which resulted in many boots out of servers. We switched to Verizon 4-5 moths ago and we haven't had a problem yet. The speed is noticeably slower though.