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Burnout Paradise

I put some time in with Burnout Paradise today. I feel I've gotten the hang of it thus far. I'm still pretty bad at some of the events that end in the mountains, but I popped online for awhile and spend an hour or two playing competitive/co-operative three-player challenges.

The game is getting a lot of flak because it's an "open world" and you can't re-start events you've lost just by pressing the menu - you have to drive all the way back to the beginning. This is apparently different from all previous Burnout games, but having never played them, I don't really mind. I think the open world thing is pretty nifty. It let me wander around and find all 11 parking lots (only after earning the achievement did I discover a handy freakin' map of all the parking garages). I'm sure it might get annoying when you only have a few events left, but eh - so what.

I haven't done much in the way of street challenges (time trials per street) or Showtime (it's not too hard and can be kind of fun, though mindless), and I only have about 10 of the 76 cars.

The only thing I've found annoying so far are the events that must be run with a certain car and the game's reliance on finding junk yards to switch cars. I can imagine a time will come that I will return to the junk yard and either forget what car I need to run the race or will forget where the race took place. Thus far, since I have only 10 cars, I haven't paid much attention to these races at all. 😛

P.S. The demo does a horrible job of selling this game. The demo, frankly, sucks. Rent the game if you'd like for a "true" demo - I think you'll find it worthwhile.