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Entourage:2008 Quick Notes

  • You can edit the toolbars! Yay! My first attempts to drag the stupid stupid "mini buttons" that allow you to switch from Mail view to "To Do" view and the other three or four views failed, but then I successfully removed it by editing "" and removing each of the lines that contained ".navcontrol."
  • What's up with the font sizes? Anonymous 7 and ProFontX 7 show up as 9-point fonts. Why are they off one size? If I choose 9 points here I get massive monospace fonts. What gives? A bug?
  • The icons continue to look stupid.
  • The speed boost is noticeable. Bye bye Rosetta.
  • I'll probably almost never launch Word, PowerPoint, or Excel. That's what Pages, Keynote, and now Numbers are for.
  • Sound Sets seem to have gone the way of the dodo. I haven't yet looked to see where the new versions or stored, what format they are, or whether they can even be replaced. The existence of a popup menu makes me think they can be.
  • Entourage still shows you the image of the person who sent the email if you have one in Entourage's database. Why not their picture from the Address Book?
  • I like the mini calendar. I think I'll leave that up in the main window.
  • All of my old AppleScripts, settings, colors, categories, etc. was imported perfectly. SpamSieve continues to work - everything.
  • 107 font files, Microsoft? As much as I like new fonts (wheeee), isn't that a bit overboard? I had several duplicates I felt compelled to remove. At least all of my fonts still verify.
  • Microsoft continues to ignore things like the Dock menu. I can forgive them their Time-Machine-unfriendly database, but how hard would it be to add a dock menu?

3 Responses to "Entourage:2008 Quick Notes"

  1. As far as Entourage goes:

    * My AppleScripts stopped working--no longer is having Entourage Script Menu Items be an alias acceptable.

    * The speed, especially at which AppleScripts run, is impressive. It just indicates how very slow it was before.

    * I hate that the custom contextual menus don't match the behavior of the standard OSX components.

  2. Thanks for the pointers on getting rid of the pesky "stupid stupid" mini buttons.

  3. I hate the point that my font size increases every time I send a mail.