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Gaming Day

Today's plan: play a lot of games. All day. Carey's going to scrapbook.

Tomorrow: reading day, probably.

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2 Responses to "Gaming Day"

  1. And play I did! 🙂 510 achievement points is a pretty good day.

    The Pens won 4-1 as well. A good day all around.

  2. Thats some gaming right there I tell you what! Biggest run I have ever had is only like, 50 gamerscore. I was gonna game all day too; my wife was taking the kids to see grandma. Of coarse, it was not to be. Boss calls me on Friday night and actually takes advantage of me being on call this last weekend to cover the Help Desk all Saturday AM. Argh! I only got home in time to finish up the most recent episode of Rescue Me (the oldest recording on my Tivo) before the brood returned. The only time my xbox really came on this weekend was to play HDDVDs and a little bit of Viva Pinata with the kids (the oldest is only 2 but he loves watching the "natas" dance around the garden). Ugh, slowest game ever...