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WordPress Time Bug for Midnight Posts?

WordPress TimesOver at the Photo Battle Blog (please visit and subscribe!), I've set every post to show up at midnight: 00:00:00 (with the corresponding 05:00:00 GMT). Unfortunately, WordPress doesn't seem to care for that.

I first saw the problem yesterday (or the day before), and thought that perhaps the "all zeroes" was wigging WordPress out. So, I performed a MySQL search/replace query and now all of my dates and times are 00:01:00 and 05:01:00 (one minute past midnight). Same problem.

When I logged in this morning at about 9am, I saw the image you see to the right. On one hand, it's bad math. On the other, it's preventing my latest photo blog entry from being published at the proper time.

Here is today's entry as it appeared when I chose "edit" as well as tomorrow's. Note that the math for tomorrow's entry (15 hours) is correct. Yet I'm certain that tomorrow at 9am, what is tomorrow's entry today will also say "in 9 hours" and will not have properly published itself:


To "publish" the entry that's "stuck" with the bad math, I've simply clicked the "Save" or "Save and Continue Editing" buttons. I make no changes to the content, but clicking "Save" at least triggers WordPress to properly begin publishing the page. Currently, the pages are served without caching, so that's not contributing to the problem.

If this continues to fail to work or if I can't discover the bug and fix it in my installation, I'll next try setting the times to 01:00:00 and 06:00:00 respectively.

4 Responses to "WordPress Time Bug for Midnight Posts?"

  1. WordPress TRAC ID #5793.

  2. Same thing today. I've set them all to 01:00:00 and 06:00:00 to see if that solves the problem (tomorrow).

  3. Changing the time to 01:00:00 didn't matter. I still had to manually click a button this morning. WTF?

  4. [...] This bug has not been fixed in WordPress 2.5. The TRAC ID 5793 hasn't been touched for awhile either, unfortunately. [...]