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Photo Battle Blog Sidebar

The Photo Battle Blog now has a sidebar item. Of course, you can also subscribe to the feed to be notified daily of new battles.

In Cyndicate I recommend turning the "display linked content" option on, as the daily battles are generated via plugin and the feed is, thus, rather bare. It still serves as a reminder to visit, though.

The sidebar (and the images at the site) are 800 pixels wide, so I'll check the site from time to time to see if it's having a drastic effect on load time.

2 Responses to "Photo Battle Blog Sidebar"

  1. Hey, can I submit a picture to be embattled?

    I just love my new D300 (yes, I bought one with my own money, which says a lot for the camera).


  2. [quote comment="45904"]Hey, can I submit a picture to be embattled?[/quote]

    You cannot. Steve and I are competing for the year.

    In one of my previous entries I talked about possible doing a five- or six-person battle, or having rotating shifts of battles. That may still be a possibility.