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Purchasing Video Game Soundtracks

Two games I've played recently - NHL '08 and Burnout Paradise on the Xbox 360 - have some interesting songs on them.

You know what would be nice? Being able to instantly and easily buy some or all of those songs ((Or even getting a free copy included with the game, though that's obviously so unlikely to happen I've relegated it to this footnote.)).

Unfortunately, the current means of acquiring these songs goes something like this: find a track list for the game online. Type each individual song name into both iTunes and Amazon. Listen, compare the prices and file formats, and then buy.

I ended up buying a few songs from iTunes (the DRM-free album ones), and I've not yet gone back to Amazon to pick up a few others. I may not. After spending 30 minutes doing all of the above, I had to move on to other things.

P.S. Some game soundtracks on iTunes, like Guitar Hero III has a special page for all of the songs. For others, users have created iMixes. There's no discount on the price (like an "album" purchase), but at least all or most of the songs are there in one place.

One Response to "Purchasing Video Game Soundtracks"

  1. You can buy the soundtrack to The Orange Box (from Valve) on Amazon's MP3 store. Yeah, I wish more companies did this.