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Aperture Image Adjustment Plugins Wishlist

Now that Aperture 2.0 is out ((I still hope mine ships today so that I can play over the weekend. I ordered at 6:08am PST yesterday, after all, and have two-day shipping.)), with "image adjustment plugin support," I'm curious what kind of plugins people might want to see made.

My personal list is rather short.

  • Great noise reduction (there are a few good ones out there).
  • A complete HDR plugin.
  • A panorama stitcher.
  • A plugin that can flip images horizontally and vertically ((Seriously, Apple, how is this not a basic feature in a 2.0 product??)).

What's kind of plugins do you want?

P.S. I may not want any plugins. It appears that the Image Adjustments API, unlike the rest of Aperture, isn't quite "non-destructive."

2 Responses to "Aperture Image Adjustment Plugins Wishlist"

  1. My vote goes to noise reduction and stitching. I have been avoiding stitching because the last time I tried, I failed miserably. And I'm lazy. So having it integrated would be a plus.

  2. I really would like the lens corection filters from Photoshop CS3 which I use a lot. Would be nice not to have to open Photoshop all the time for adjusting "vertical perspective" and removing "lens distortion". This is #1 on my Aperture-plug-ins-wish-list.