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The Xbox 360 Reliability Oxymoron

From "SquareTrade, a firm that specialises in electronics warranties, has found that of a sample of 1000 Xbox 360 consoles, the failure rate was 16.4 per cent."

Normally consumer electronics try to shoot for failure rates of 2-3% or less, if I remember correctly. I have a hunch that 16.4% is even a little bit low. My Xbox 360 has been fine so far (knock on wood), but since announcing Rivet beta testing starting tomorrow, no less than two of the 15 testers we have lined up have informed me that their Xbox has gone belly-up in the past two weeks.

This seems appropriate:

And don't get me started on the DRM hell a busted Xbox 360 gets ya.

2 Responses to "The Xbox 360 Reliability Oxymoron"

  1. In a recent article, Robbie Bach, stated “they are concentrating on improving games rather than introducing a new console”. I just wish they could get the current model to last as long as their competitors’. Two of my three machines have gone bad; among my friends, there’s an 85% failure rate. How many of the 3.3 million Xbox 360 machines sold in 2008 were replacement machines? My latest console, a Christmas present, stopped working 21 days after opening; and is now on its way to Microsoft’s repair facility in Texas. As I sit here anticipating its return, I take some solace in knowing my addiction to Xbox 360 gaming is keeping some repair person gainfully employed!

  2. LOL that video of simpsons parody is so funny!