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My Time Machine Backup Drive is Full

A few days ago, my Time Machine drive filled up.

I back up a 500 GB drive nightly to another 500 GB drive. My main drive (and the exact, full, bootable backup) have 130 GB free.

Since I began backing up my Time Machine drive shortly after Leopard's release back in October, I'm fairly impressed that it took so long to "fill up."

4 Responses to "My Time Machine Backup Drive is Full"

  1. If you still use Entourage, it's doubly impressive since its database is a big binary lump that has to be completely copied with every backup.

  2. You don't use FileVault then, right ?

    It's utterly dumb the way Time Machine deals with FileVault.

  3. If they move this to a ZFS-snapshot, the coherency unit becomes a fs block. Anyone with some real world data and some free time want to diff some time machine backups and see how much better this will be?

  4. Madril said on February 17, 2008:

    You don't use FileVault then, right?

    On a Mac Pro, no. No File Vault here.

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