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Aperture 2.0 Arrives

Aperture 2.0 arrived today. The upgrade process went smoothly until Aperture began updating previews. I would rather it have given a progress bar and insisted it do that work modally rather than as a background task. The app was unusable during that time anyway.

FlickrExport fortunately works with 2.0 out of the box, and I've uploaded a few photos I took this afternoon with it. FlashAlbumExporter works as well.

Shortly after upgrading to 2.0 (and on about the eighth launch), my vault encountered errors. I had to delete it and re-create it, a lengthy process. On the up side, it eliminates the wonder I had whether I should create a clean, fresh vault. 🙂

And yeah, Aperture 2.0 speed >>> Aperture 1.0 speed. I might be able to leave most of my applications running (on a Mac Pro!) with 2.0.

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